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Our Services

Service Area

 Off-Site Burial Services Available throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Final Journey is based in Hamilton, Virginia, and offers service throughout the region.


High-Quality Low-Cost Compassionate Service

We offer flat-rate pricing for each location in our service area.  

Our prices do not change based on weight or size.  

Unlike other available options, we believe that you do not need to be surprised after already enduring the loss of your companion. 

We provide honest upfront prices that do not change.


On-Site Burial

We cannot offer on-site burial services due to the many legal hurdles and restrictions involved in the burial of an animal.

Please see our Legal Issues page to learn more about the many challenges and potential consequences of on-site burial. 


We are more than willing to discuss your situation and provide general guidance. 

Legal advice and services are available in Virginia.

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